Railoc Greyshadow

A sword collector who believes that the best way to attain power is to attune himself to as many of the awakened swords as he can. He currently wields four weapons: Asmoday, Yurei Kitsune, Lachesis and Kazesore Subarashi. Railoc at one time stole Malakym after disabling Thomas Shoney, its original weilder.

Season 1: Railoc was originally approached by Shen Lightbringer to join his crusade to end death, but Railoc refused. He attempted to steal Asmoday from Kain Lorehelm, but failed due to Hikaryu Savarem’s intervention. Railoc has attacked Meddigo operatives many times to steal their weapons, including Sebastian Grant’s Quetzalcoatl.

Season 2: After retrieving Asmoday from the Tower to Heaven, Railoc continued collecting swords and attacked the Old Church during a Meddigo raid. He also attempted to steal the King’s weapon, Lionheart, but was intercepted by Jacob Cromwell, Quan Genero, and Inugami Yoshi. Defeated, he left Malakym behind and escaped.

Railoc continued his quest to collect the spirit weapons and obtained Atlas, not knowing its importance as one of the Great Spirits. Sergio Leone, carrying out the will of Meddigo, hunted down Atlas and came to face off against Railoc. Despite the Sword Collector’s various weapons, he fell to Sergio’s daggers.

Railoc Greyshadow

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