The Effulgent Kingdom

The Sempauroran Kingdom was founded by the first King Guinaq (a reincarnation of the Yeshuah) over three hundred years ago. The inhabitants of the Kingdom are all descendants of that lineage and treat each other as the same. There are not the standard classes of hierarchy, only those who choose to become squires, and then later knights to establish themselves within the kingdom and those who serve in the bustling city below.

Sempaurora prides itself on being the nation of chivalry and their most recent king, Anton Marcus gave his life for peace. They do not live for such obscure notions as honor, balance, or their own financial gain. Their eye is always on the common good and most would lay down their lives to keep another from harm. It is no coincidence that Sempaurorans generally grow into strong knights, radiant paladins, or hearty, determined fighters.

The nation’s set goals are ending the war and finding the chosen one, whomever he may be. Their king is Blaine Crucoy, a beloved advisor to the late king. The loss of Anton Marcus weighs on the new government and many fear that the war will destroy the nation and divide it into several smaller separatist nations.

A player representing Sempaurora is encouraged to follow a code of chivalry of his own decision and have strict stances on topics. A devotion to a concept such as protection, faith, or another passion is probably another asset to the character.

Aside from their good points, Sempaurora is known for being merciless to the wicked, violently patriotic and have hurt many under the ignorant name of “the greater good”. They are not at the height of the world without the cost of sin, though they have perfectly hidden their true skeletons.

Government: Monarchy (Constitutional)

Ruler: King Blaine Crucoy

Captiol: Borealis Castle

Races: Dominantly human. Elves, Halflings are a minority.

The Effulgent Kingdom is modeled after Europe at the decline of the Middle Ages, especially during the time of the Crusades. Knights are a common sight, and the sword is the weapon of choice. Sempaurora is a chivalrous land of one monotheistic religion which dominates the land and is enforced by the kingdom. Religious persecution is a high threat to the people and the radicals have left for Sidarthalem or another country for their freedom. Generally though, everyone has accepted the kingdom’s rule and they are a rather united culture of mostly human, like minded people.

At the center of Sempauroran government is the Kingdom’s castle, now ruled over by Blaine Crucoy, a passionate and recklessly dedicated king who simply cannot live up to the task of his predecessor. The king’s other branches of government have lost hope in him and there are plans to break the nation apart when the war breaks out.


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