Sergio Leone

Sergio Leone is the Leone family’s only child. The prodigy of a powerful family in the Drass Aristocracy, Sergio has followed in his father, Giovanni Leone’s footsteps and continues to hone his skills as an assassin. While not as well trained in subtlety as rogues, Sergio is unmatched in combat. He has trained with his lifelong friend, the Drassian Socialite Joy Stovelli and the two of them entered the contest confident in their abilities.

Joy’s death hit Sergio hard and he vowed to kill Shen Lightbringer should he tarnish her memory and not let her soul rest. His father attempted to assassinate Sergio and died in the resulting skirmish, a final betrayal that would shatter the world of the young socialite. While others fought to destroy cults and quell the panic being spread by the false Yeshuah, Sergio trained to harness the power of Mephisto, the rapier left by his father Giovanni Leone. His only goal became to kill Shen Lightbringer, a task that the actions of Kohkanest has removed from possibility. With the world at peace and Jacob’s wisdom out of mind, Sergio returned to kill the rest of his family, who hounded him endlessly for the murder of the head of the household. He killed his mother, Lucia Leone last, in an artful display of cruelty. When called back to the world to serve as its guardians, Sergio displayed a new power – the demon abilities of Mephisto. He quickly became corrupted by the demon and turned to Mediggo for aid. Despite his resistance, Sergio eventually lost to Mephisto and has lost his body to the demon’s control.

Thanks to the help of Jacob Cromwell, Sergio’s soul was freed though his body was destroyed and his soul continued on to Aesyr where he helped defeat the warmongering plane. The other half of Sergio’s imprisoned soul, along with half of Jacob’s soul remained within Mephisto’s Awakened Weapon, which created the Warforged Mephisto.

When the Wardens died in the destruction of Aesyr, Sergio accepted ressurection and continues to serve the Iifa in the alliance with Sigil.

Sergio Leone

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