Shen Lightbringer

A precocious young boy with a love of music and a kind heart, Shen Lightbringer was looked down on as the Black Sheep of the Lightbringer Clan. He was easily the weakest of his family and a shameful heir to the family of heroes. After being forced into the Tournament to test as the Yeshuah by his father Terrence Lightbringer, Shen failed with staggering results. However he met the love of his life, Joy Stovelli and despite the efforts of her life-long friend, Sergio Leone, Shen managed to catch her eye.

When the Head of The United Church of Sempaurora came to demand Joy’s help, Shen Lightbringer was caught in the crossfire of a dire standoff. In mortal peril, Joy gave to Shen her family heirloom, which traded her invulnerability for his safety. Before she died Shen accidentally stole her powers with a touch, a latent ability he had only used unconsciously in the past. Armed with the powers of the Yeshuah and driven insane by the collective memories of six tragic lives, he began a campaign to eradicate death entirely. The only loophole in the veil was to have the entire world mourn the death of one willing person, who would return from the afterlife.

Shen hired fellow potentials Hikaryu Savarem and Alstoy LeMuir to bring a person to high renown, kill them and then return them to life. In his original plan given to the then willing Kohkanest, Shen Lightbringer chose himself as a candidate. After the efforts of the heroes rallying against his catastrophic actions began gaining worldwide renown, Shen Lightbringer instead chose Jacob Cromwell as his target and murdered him. After travelling to the veil to resurrect Jacob, he met with the party of heroes once more. The heroes, led by Sergio Leone managed to defeat the False Yeshuah’s subordinates then attacked Shen once.

Shen merged temporarily with Phaeleg, an immortal revered by The United Church of Sempaurora as a god, but found himself being exorcised by Kohkanest, who pulled the invading spirit of the Yeshuah from Shen. Shen’s true self aided Kohkanest in this process and together, they liberated Shen Lightbringer’s body and later returned Joy Stovelli’s soul to her within Breidablik Prison.

Season 2
Shen has plead guilty to his crimes committed during his possession, but was given a lenient sentence due to the testimony of the Yeshuah. He is held at the Sempaurora Prisons and can only leave with the Yeshuah, who he must stay no more than 50 feet from. He has acted as her escort and gives her supportive magic as only a bard can. Now usually covered head to toe with no visible skin aside from his face, Shen has only removed his glove to pull the demonic essence from Sergio Leone, who was wracked with pain by Mephisto’s bloodlust.

During the The Wardens’ quest to defeat the Harbingers, Shen and his girlfriend went to Takazorros to investigate Sergio’s appearance there. They met with the Wardens who had come there to fight Ladon. He remained behind with Joy as the party fought the Harbinger, but returned to the battlefield when Jacob lost control of his soul. Shen sealed Jacob’s surplus soul energy in a gem, but severely crippled himself in the process, further damaging his right hand.

He takes Sergio’s current crisis personally and says that he will do anything to remedy Sergio, whom he feels that he owes. While Jacob has asserted that Sergio is his responsibility, the matter bothers Shen.

Shen Lightbringer

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