The Promised Land

Every child which embraces a spirituality eventually finds themselves consumed by a pilgrimage to the Promised Land of Sidarthalem. They come to witness the birthplace of the Gods, and to weep at the center of all existence. Once overwhelmed with the truth of their destiny, none leave the nation and take up positions in the temples. Sidarthalem is an utopian society that uses a common passion of faith to keep the world running. The community and church share the same goals and work to ensure peace. Though their faiths are different and each reveres a different god or ideal, each treat each other with respect and work for the common good. Temples are everywhere and no temple turns one of another practice away.

They have no military, only militia of clerics, paladins and other holy figures, and only export their excesses, never receive incoming goods. Their nation is cut off from others and works as an individual unit. The “undoubtedly evil” Akumephistians are a great focus of their attention. They constantly seek the ear of the powerful and try to do their part for peace. They hold their alliances closely, but blame the Izarans harshly for warmongering.

Sidarthalem is a largely ignorant state of idealists running a dystopic mishmash of several pantheons and gods. Though none can truly exist together, a simple understanding of “I’m right, but we can let that go for the benefit of your faith” helps the masses work cooperatively. They have no military force and are the weakest of the governments.

Government: Communism

Ruler: Each Church has a ruler, which convene to discuss affairs.

Captiol: The Grand Temple

Races: Majorly Human. Half-Celestials and other good aligned races.

Sidarthalem is a community of peaceful opposites and rival factions all working together for the greater good. They have no technology nor government and refuse imported trades. They are self sufficient and use their divine power to make their nation stand proudly. Sidarthalem relies on the constant influx of travelers who come here to learn of their god and to stand at what is believed to be the center of the universe. Many churches live on the donations of traveling adventurers. The original gods are the most recognized.


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