The Savage Land

In the past few decades, the number of humans has skyrocketed from a fair presence to an overpopulation that causes cities to overflow and many nations to expand. One of the most tragic effects this has produced is the anarchist colony of Takazorros. Where once there was a dry stretch of land with no potential, the overpopulating humans has resulted in the more tribal and wild races finding themselves in the vast barrens. Several other non-humans races have chosen instead to further engrain themselves into the culture of man and adapt as necessary.

Takazorros is made up of several races, which mostly keep to themselves and divide the lands as nomadic and independent sects. These races break their populations into prides, which break down into tribes. The prides can cover up to three miles in area and have tribes moving among them each day as they migrate through the land. Disputes are usually settled amongst themselves in savage contests. If open battle breaks out, usually the Pride Alpha steps in to resolve it. If things are too much for that, the Sun Alpha who oversees the land is summoned and he cleans things up, usually resulting in a tribe being removed from the area.

Aside from the truly feral beings, Takazorros is also home to many druids who exist to protect the races from whatever they cannot control. The druids are always watching the prides to ensure that the pecking order holds and are the Sun Alpha’s contact for the affairs of the world.

Takazorros is the victim of the war and the expanse of their land is being overrun by the Izaran Nation. Their only goal is not to lose anymore land. Their Sun Alpha is Baelak, a tauric monstrosity.

A player representing Takazorros is expected to be a little less understanding of the civilized world than an average person. As a primal culture, they despise weakness and rely on their keen instincts.

Takazorros is an unsophisticated culture which cannot stand on its own. It is self destructive and violent. Their numbers are largely mundane and unintelligent. It is believed that they will return to their primal roots and kill each other off, ruin the land completely and be lost to the wastelands. It is for this reason that they cannot survive without the support of the druids.

Government: Tribalist Prides

Ruler: Baelak the Feirce (Sun Alpha)

Capitol: A druidic enclave in the center of the nation

Races: All. Humans, elves and centaurs make up the majority of their druids.

Takazorros is modeled after an Indian reservation and the nomads that live within it. They have little access to resources and lack the technology which make great nations like Jhaberta. What little technology and weaponry they have from the other lands they treat as prized possessions and the beast with an iron sword is a great candidate for the alpha.

Takazorros is made up of several divided territories, or prides, which smaller nomadic tribes are free to move in and out of. Disputes within the Prides between tribes are settled by the Pride Alpha, who never leaves a given pride and enforces his own rules in the territory. If the Pride Alpha is unable to settle the disputes, the Sun Alpha is summoned to resolve everything.

The tribes are at the mercy of the world, and as such rely on the fatalistic druids who have come to protect the reservation and ensure that the ways of the “savages” are not tread upon by the ever expanding humans.

The Prides themselves do not have names, but are referred to by the Alpha who governs them. Prides are generally divided between races and each tribe is a unit of their race which roams the land. There are a few diverse tribes of different types all collectively forming a unit, but it is rare.


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