Terrence Lightbringer

Terrence is often called “The Heroic Epitome” and spent a great deal of his life performing amazing feats. Clearly greater than the sum of their parts, the Lightbringer name has always held a renown that few other families rival. Their lineage is full of well loved heroes which need no introduction. The feats of Lionel Lightbringer, his father, Donovan Lightbringer, his brother, and his wife, Jassie Lightbringer have solidified into legends worth of filling an epic. While not the prominent mages like the Mercers nor boasting the ravishing beauty of the Stovelli family, the Lightbringer Clan is built on brawn and integrity.

“The Lightbringer way is no big secret. There are high demands, both physical and mental that a Lightbringer must face,” said Terrence Lightbringer, father of new hope Shen Lightbringer. “Every Lightbringer must never shirk the challenge of such a birthright.” A demanding father isn’t a new branch for the family tree. Echoes of Terrence Lightbringer’s first appearance in the limelight at the age of seven, when Lionel Lightbringer urged the child into battle alongside him during a stampede of landsharks twenty four years ago seem to carry into the new generation.

Shen Lightbringer is a disgrace to his father and Terrence spent many years trying to instill strength in his child, only to realize his failure and send him away in the Trials of the Yeshuah, hoping that the child would either blossom in the harsh conditions or sink and be gone from his life forever.

Although his skills as a fighter are unparalleled, Terrence is a smart enough investor to bring a sizable surplus of wealth to his family. He funds various projects in Izaru, the Drass Aristocracy and Akumephis, even donating more than 50% of the funds for the failed Project Savarem.

Sergio Leone’s infiltration into Meddigo eventually revealed that Terrence Lightbringer was the sole funder of the evil organization’s schemes. With the promise of immortality and great power as his payment, he coerced Sergio into attacking Joy Stovelli and his own son, Shen Lightbringer. When Sergio was able to pierce the illusion cast by Pierre Daray, he joined with Shen to kill his father. His spirit was absorbed by Shen, who used it to battle Sergio, consuming it where it would be reincarnated in Abydos.

Terrence Lightbringer

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